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In forming our Fort Lauderdale Party Buses company, we wanted to do things a bit different. So the first thing we settled on was developing a philosophy which managed to put our clients first. We decided with an approach that prioritized the people who work with us toward our goal. That goal is of providing an exemplary experience to you and your guests.

Our team makes all the difference

Since our priority has always been to deliver an experience like no other company... We hire only those who want to work for you. It is of the utmost importance to us that each member of our team remains the firm foundation that they have always been. Every awesome person on our staff is fully dedicated to this notion. And they are passionately dedicated to delivering. It takes a unified approach in any service business. We all buy into that fully.

Here's a bit more detail. We will start with the incredible people who tend to our fleet on a day in and day out basis. Our detailers are meticulous and thorough in their cleaning and inspection of our buses and limousines. You will receive a vehicle that is sparkling clean and ready to impress. When something rarely does mechanically go wrong in one of our vehicles, we have a staff of mechanics and assistants which ensure that they are fixed perfectly and quickly. Finally, our office staff are the knowledgeable folks who will give you a warm, friendly, and enthusiastic experience as you navigate your way through the booking process.

You'll love the party buses & limos too

Our Fort Lauderdale limo bus fleet is the last piece in a complex and detailed puzzle of customer satisfaction. We have a passion for providing exceptional quality to our clientele. We know that your experience with us would not be complete without an amazing vehicle to enjoy on the day of your event. Every one of our limos and party buses are equipped with a baseline minimum level of luxury. This is because we believe that regardless of how big of a vehicle you need, we feel you should enjoy the same level of awesomeness as someone who rents our biggest bus. Enjoy a custom crafted vehicle, to our precise specification. You'll enjoy technology and opulence all at the same time. Often, our clients don't even want to leave the vehicle to attend their event... They are that awesome!

Our professional chauffeurs are ready to serve

Perhaps the most visible member of our team will be your personal chauffeur. They are the ones who will ensure your comfort and timely arrival. They will be the friendly face to greet you at the beginning of your adventure to us, and they will ensure that your transportation throughout the day goes on without a hitch all day long. We hire the very best. They know their way around and they know how to treat people right. You're going to love you chauffeur!

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