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If you have questions about where we provide our party bus & limousine rental service, this page is here to give you a good idea on that front. Since we love what we do, and love bringing joy and smiles to whatever you are celebrating, we really have a difficult time in saying "no, we can't go that far". Due to this, we have worked really hard at expanding our area of operations to include as much of the state of Florida as possible. A general rule of thumb regarding where we will go is this: If you found our website in your search, it is highly probable that we will be able to pick you up!

However, this page will serve as a guideline to our standard area of operations. Meaning this: The cities, towns, and counties listed on this page are all included with in our "no fuel surcharge" zone. So, if you see a city or town that you live in or, are very close to, we will come to you at our standard hourly rate. This does not mean that if your area is absent from this page... That we will not be able to provide our services to you. It means that we may have to charge an additional flat surcharge in order to compensate for the extended drive and fuel costs we will incur to facilitate your transportation.

In summary, if you see your town below, you're already all set. If you do not see your town (or one very close to you), we can still probably help. However, it may cost a little more to compensate for our own additional costs. Whenever you have any doubt at all, simply give us a call. Our booking agents will be more than happy to let you know whether or not we can service your area! If you don't see your city below, don't hesitate to contact us.

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