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Our company has a rather unique ideology when it comes to pricing our party bus & limousine rentals. We'll explain that fully, in a bit. However, it is important to understand that our pricing doctrine is the only reason you're not going to find rental rates here on this page. First, we'll cut to the chase in letting you know how to obtain your price quote.

Here's how to get your price quote:

Since we cannot put our prices on our Fort Lauderdale Party Buses website, we offer two primary ways in which you can obtain an accurate to the dollar quote for your special day. You can call (easiest) or, you can send an email (still easy but, takes more time).

When you get in touch with us for your pricing, we will need to know a few things in order to be accurate in what we quote for your party bus or limo adventure. Don't worry, it's really no big deal. Here's what we need to know:

The date of your event. We need to know the date because our pricing definitely varies by the day of the week and the season in which you are renting (more on this below).

The zip code you will be picked up in. We require the location because even though we have an expansive area of operations... Some locations which are a bit further out of our standard service area will require a fuel surcharge in order to cover our extra time and distance.

The number of passengers that will be riding with us. Well, size matters in this case. Since our buses are priced based on capacity - knowing the number of riders who will be coming along will allow us to quote the proper sized vehicle for your event.

The number of hours you will require our services. This is one of the easiest and yet most important bits of information. Since we charge an hourly rate, the time you require service is necessary in order to facilitate the delivery of your price quote.

Should you like to know... Here's why we cannot publish our party bus & limo prices online:

Now, here's the brass tacks of why we don't have a price list on our pricing page. Yeah, we know it might be a bit of a letdown but, there really is a good reason behind it. Just bear with us!

We have two goals as a business. One is to remain profitable enough in order to stay in business for the long-haul. Simply... We are not here to make a quick profit and then leave the industry. We love what we do and want to be here for a while. So, yes, we do require a profit in order to keep our doors open so we can serve you for years down the road.

Our second goal is our most important reason for being here. That is, to serve you. Serving you includes providing the best possible rate on any given day. So, we've come up with a rather ingenious way to keep our rates low. This involves a bit of market analysis based on factors which are connected to our cost of doing business. When our analysis suggests that our costs are decreasing... We lower our rates so that our baseline profit margin remains the same. We still make money but - you save money at the same time. Because our prices fluctuate, we are not able to provide our "pricing for the year" as many companies do.

In order to figure our pricing for the year, we would need to project our highest anticipated costs for the year and then set our pricing according to that. This may allow us to make more money per trip. But, it would probably price us out of some events that might find our services less than affordable for that particular day.Learn more about us.

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